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Originally Posted by ssaulnier View Post
I have the air screw set to 1.5 turns out. If I turn the air screw in more than about 1/2 from closed the engine will die, but I don?t notice much difference in throttle response or idle quality between 1.5 to 3 turns out so I just left it at 1.5 out from seated.

The idle screw is turned in pretty far, but is not bottoming out it?s spring. The engine will idle for 5 to 10 seconds or so before it dies. While riding and hill climbing the engine is responsive and powerful. It will pull up hills down below the idle speed if I hold the throttle slightly open.

I get a little spooge running down the silencer after burning a gallon of fuel and the spark plug is black and there is a little burble in the mid range. So the bike is still rich, but doesn?t load up and comes on the pipe quickly in a very linear fashion.

Since I am using the top clip position on this NECF needle and the bike is still a bit rich I think I should try a NECJ needle to replace the NECF. I think I got mixed up on the needle codes and bought a richer needle than I wanted last time.
Try a 42 pilot. It cleaned up my exhaust spooge problem, and still idled well. The 172 is very lean for open throttle operation. For any wfo use over three seconds, you may be better served by a 175.
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