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Thanks for that advice Jim and Jeff. I will try it again, but I am not sure it is that simple.

At some point, I tried to back the idle screw out with both a 45 and 42 Pilot jet, but that did not seem to give me a good idle.

Last week I installed a leaner NECJ needle.At 50 degrees F the bike starts on the choke and idles a little better, but I didn't get the chance to warm it up and ride it though.

Two weeks ago I burned up about 1.5 gallons of gas on flowing single track. The bike was still rich. It was never lean and never pinged or rattled. It was set up like this: NECF needle with clip in the top position, #8 slide with a notch I cut, 38 pilot jet and 168 main jet. It was about 50 degrees.

It seems like that should have been lean, but it did not feel or sound lean.
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