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I'm in the UK and the bike is plated for road use but we have stupid EU rules for some things so I have done the following to help improve the bike.

1. Rewired the electrics with KTM switches to allow the lights to be turned off front and rear. EU regulation require the lights to stay on but screw them, we are leaving that banana republic! This also allows a more familiar engine start button on the throttle side and engine kill on the LHS.
2. Fitted a Motion Pro KTM T3 throttle cable to replace the Oem And get a safer screw-in fitment at throttle and carb end. Not a perfect fit and I'll be watching if Motion Pro bring out a more specific cable with a moulded curve at the carb end. Access to the carb is very cramped.
3. Fitted all white plastics with custom camo graphics.
4. Fitted KTM/X-Trig PHDS to kill bad engine vibes. Needed to make up some custom adapters to match the PHDS to the GG top yoke. Have also injected silicone into the handlebars. I have had severe and painful arm cramps after 1-2 hours riding that have needed medical treatment.
5. Changed the sidestand bushes to remove the suicide flip-up EU requirement.
6. Will be addng some Fasst Impact Pegs to further address the vibration. Just found some used KTM pattern ones that should fit.
7. Fitted a TM Designworks rear chain guide. RCG-KT3. 1st thing I change on any new bike.
8. Tried a TM swingarm slider, DCS-KT3 on the assumption that the GG swingarm is the same as a KTM linkage model. The top bolt fits fine but the bottom does not line up. What a PITA!
9. Reset float height and rejetted with NEDW needle to address way over rich running.
10. Lined the back of the headlight with black gaffer tape as more light shines back in the rider's eyes than forward on the road!!
11. Fitted a threaded insert into the back of the countershaft cover to replace the silly back nut on the bolt that's a pain to fit and tends to shake loose.
12. Adapted an Enduro Engineering front axle puller to fit by drilling out the centre bolt hole. This lets the split section to take up the slack and pull up tight.
13. EE wraparound hand guards, Motion Pro Titan throttle tube (with removable tube end) and Renthal dual compound kevlar grips. More anti vibration tactics including nylon washers on the hand guard bolts.

The bike will get Supersprox sprockets when the OEM are ready to change. Stealth rear. Part number 1512, same as the Italian Husqvarnas. Like the Beta RRs, do NOT fit a KTM Stealth rear sprocket or you WILL snap off at least 1 mounting lug. The bolt holes are only about 0.2 mm different but it's enough. Also in the lookout for BPD rad guards at a sensible price. May take a while.

It's very frustrating that the wide range of excellent USA made aftermarket parts are not available directly in the UK. The exchange rate and import duties hike the prices up too much. A 100 dollar item can end up costing 150 pounds sterling after shipping, exchange rate and import duties. Roll on WTA trade deals post Brexit or a cheap air ticket and a large empty suitcase!

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