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Default Gas Gas 450 FSE 2003-4 starting Issues

I will open by saying that I maintained 14 of these machines used daily over the period of 3 years.
I have seen and fixed everything you can imagine.
The starting issues are various but can be overcome.
You need
1- Strong fully charged battery
2- Clean Spark Plug
3- Good Starter Motor
The knowledge and persistence to learn your bike's quirks.
If this bike does not start on the very first attempt "10 seconds cranking"
With Zero throttle. STOP CRANKIN !
Try Wide Open Throttle then hit the starter button.
Realize that some backfire is normal.
If it makes a " weeeeee" sound and continues to backfire, this indicates that the friction type idler gear is loose.
This gear is the cause of many no start problems. It acts as a cushion to keep backfires from damaging hard parts.
Remove the stator cover and locate this gear, put it in a vise or fixture and tighten it to as tight as humanly possible. Or have it welded so as no slippage is able.
The Factory rep provided us with one such item and it worked wonders!
These bikes are strong and run flawlessly when maintained correctly but make no mistake the starting issues are real and must be learned and dealt with accordingly.
Remember -- If it doesn't start on first attempt ( 10 sec. NO throttle) Stop cranking ! They flood easily ! After flooding you Must remove the plug and clean it.
Because they flood easily use the WOT method. Stop cranking - twist
throttle to wide open - now hit the starter.
Hope this helps some of you.
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