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Default 450 FSR Tires

G'day All,

I've done a fair bit of homework on this, so am really just asking for real life experience from people with the tire choice that's worked well on their 450 4S.

I'm riding hard rocky trails with lots of ruts, deeply rutted hills, but their are also plenty of muddy bog holes as well.

Also bloody hot if that makes a difference.

I'm a noob rider, so the stock Metzler 6 days have felt good to me, but they have worn quickly, and the knobs are ripping off the front.

The locals and the local bike shop all recommend Pirelli Scorpion MX Extras as apparently they hold up better to these conditions.

I don't really care about road legal as they only travel 2k's max on road to get to the trails, any rides further away it goes on the trailer.

Another point was that the bike shop recommended a 120/100-18 on the rear instead of standard 140/80-18.

Anyone used these on their 2009-2011 450 FSR?

What pressures do you recommend?

Anything you think would be better?

Cheers in advance for your advice.
2011 EC 450 FSR
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