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Originally Posted by 12Bravo View Post
If I could justify a gym membership and the money to use it I would. But I live 20+ miles from closest gym, figure in gas for my truck and membership I am looking at $200-250 monthly to workout. I will however start with push-ups and sit-ups again and see where that leads me. Pull-ups, maybe but not for awhile on that, weight needs to be cut before that happens.

This reminds me of the Army, "Your leg broke, here 800mg and some water, you'll be fine" Common med for Army, they were like Pez candy!

I will start taking again before and after rides, I didn't even think about it honestly.....
I have a list of body weight exercises that I used to train for my last 100 mile race (18 months ago...). It is analog so I need to convert to digital. A big long list that I alternated in a Tabata protocol (or HIIT) to get maximum results. Also try jumping rope for cardio. Before you buy a jump rope, make sure it has a free spinning "rope," preferably with bearings in the end. It makes it just that little bit easier.

Here's a short list before I take the time to dig out my exercise sheet:
Squats with overhead press (8 lb dumb bells for me)
Push ups
Russian twist
Jumping jacks
Flys (lifting your arms from your side with dumb bells)
High knee lifts
Running in place (sprints)
Mountain climbers

Group four exercises together. Do each exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat each group of exercises 4 times. Get an HIIT app for your phone, because you will not be able to keep track of where you are. Another use for the HIIT app is jumping rope with the same protocol: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, four times.
(New bike pending...)
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