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Ibuprofen (and most other NSAIDs) are pretty brutal on the stomach, particularly at larger doses... and especially if you haven't eaten much. In saying that they do work wonders in regards to taking the edge off any residual pain post ride.

It's basically the same as any other form of muscle fatigue, in that whenever you (over)work a group of muscles that haven't been used strenuously in some time there will be muscle damage and repair occurring. Interestingly, riding bikes is absolutely magic at targeting pretty much all your muscle groups and finding places to be sore that you didn't even know you had.

As above though, through seat time, cross training, improved technique, repetition, etc you will become 'ride fit'. You'll either be riding for harder/longer and pulling up with less fatigue, as well as recovering much more quickly.

In the mean time, over the counter pain killers, fluids, cold/warm showers, and supplements can all help. B group vitamins are good - but I find most tend to be urinated out before getting the full benefit, so mostly I just try and eat a balanced diet, and supplement with magnesium when I feel the need (do some research to see benefits).

Keep at it mate, you'll be there in no time! That struggle 2 days later where you feel like you've been hit by a bus is just a reminder of the great time you had! Embrace it.
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