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Default 2007 GG TXT Pro 250 - Starting Issues

Folks, new to the forum, GG and trials generally.... can be found on other forums under same ID.

Just bought the above as my first trials bike.... the guys who make this look easy must be magicians! Hard, especially in soft sandy stuff!

Bike is ok for its age, used but used ok and looked after well..... seems to have starting issues, or you need to be a 2T Jedi to get the thing to kick!

Sometimes I can start it ok, other times I can't get it to fire at all. Couldn't get it to start whe it was hot (outside also, low 30's, moderate humidity), was running ok but when I killed it to take a break, it wouldn't come back.... had to push it home! Tank says 3.1L, wasn't on reserve but took 1.9L. Kicked over after a few kicks but the bike was a lot colder. Tonight it was difficult but went after a few kicks, run it for a bit then tried starting it again..... would fire!

Founds lots from.... just tricky to all sorts of issues! Bike idles and runs ok, responds ok to choke, revs maybe hand a little on deceleration. Only had it a few days so no chance yet to strip and check, was running ok for its previous owner (guy in our off-road group).

Bike generally ok so assume something fickle about it....

Bike did the same again today......!! Brutal!

Was out yesterday, started after a few kicks, no issues. Stalled it climbing an obstacle, couldn't get it to go..... several attempts, switched to reserve, few kicks and away again. Ok till I got home. Filled it today, only took 1.5L..... wasn't out of fuel.

Out today, a good bit earlier so a good bit warmer, took forever to get the thing kicked over..... several minutes of attempting/ranting at it. Ran ok after that..... stalled it after climbing a small obstacle. Couldn't get it to go again. Tried every trick I could muster..... nothing, no chance of getting going.

Had to walk back in mid 30's heat for about 40 mins with the bike, had to stop in the shade and rest as was close to keeling over..... bike was close to being torched!

Going to strip it down next weekend as I'm on track at Yas anyway..... suggestions for things to investigate most welcome.

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