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Been out in the garage again tonight, sure my neighbours must love me....! Here are my findings.....

Gas Gas - Dellorto 26 PHBL Carb Details:

Pilot Jet- 35
Choke Jet - 60
Main Jet - 270K
Float Needle - INC (Red tip - no numbers)
Float Jet - 200
Slide - 60
Needle - D36
Clip - 3/4

Idle Screw = ??
Air/Fuel Screw = ??

Starting from cold in garage (at ~25-30'C ambient, 50-70% RH, close to sea level), then latterly after running for a few mins and repeated starts, bike seems to favour choke + 1/2 to cracked wide open throttle to start, otherwise just splutters.

Bike still not easy to start but now more likely to get it fired up with right twist/prod, etc.

Plug cleaned and re-gapped but probably would benefit from a fresh plug.

Didn't note idle & A/F screw positions but A/F responsive to 1/4 turn. Idle screw, responding over wider range.


What are the base jetting and screw settings?

Where can you find jetting tables?

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