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Originally Posted by Jeff B View Post
Only negative is you can't run pump gas. I am running 102 unleaded race gas. Not a big problem in Nashville,Tn. I tried pump 91, race gas 98, 102, 105, 110 and 100LL avgas. 102 and 100LL (low lead) ran the same. Nashville small airports will not sell me avgas unless I have a airplane sitting there...I don't. But a friend does. I will stick to 102 race gas. Yup...I like it. Jeff
Jeff, I'm curious what the issue is with pump gas. I use ethanol free 92 pump gas and at my elevation (about 3300 ft) it seem to work fine. Is there a symptom I should look out for that will steer me towards race gas?

Are you still using the oem front sprocket? I read somewhere dropping 1 tooth in the front in addition to the black throttle tube is a great combo for the contact 250. I'm ordering the black throttle tube this week and might also get a new front sprocket.

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