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Originally Posted by Chesterspal View Post
I picked up this 1996 JTR 160 over the weekend to learn to ride trials on and I'm very excited to get going with it. The bike is still in great shape given its age.

Nothing about it is found on the GasGas site. They do not even list a manual section for year 1996. It's as if this bike never existed : (

The closest year manual I found was for the 2002 TXT but I have no idea if I can go by this for what I need to know, so asking here in the hopes someone has some knowledge of this older bike.

1) Which gear/clutch oil is correct? This 2002 book says 10w30 but someone online posted 5w30 non-synthetic. Honda makes both in their 4-stroke line that is safe for clutch plates so I will use that, once I know which.

Also, there are two black plastic caps under the engine poking through the bash plate. I assume one of these is the oil drain and that I need to remove that bash plate to get to them??

2) What is the gas to oil mixture?

3) Is the coolant a 50/50 mix or do I use it straight and how do I know the fill level?

4) There is this small digital device on the center fairing. The two black wires have been cut. Can anyone tell me what this is for and where those wires connect to?

Appreciate any help you can provide. Really in the dark on this one. BTW: If anyone knows of a third party service book that might cover this year please let me know of it.

1- regular car motor oil 5w30 non-synthetic 650cc. I dont know what these plugs are but the oil drain is on the right side towards the back. You dont need to take the bash plate off it mite be difficult to get back on.
2- 80:1
3- yes 50/50 if you cant get to the radiator cap (not real familiar with that year model, I have a 01 txt 280) you will need to take the tank off and fill it in the radiator just to cover the fins.
4- pic. would help dont know what this is.

you can shoot me a PM if you need any info not a lot of trials guys here

where are you located?

Here is Jim Snell's you tube videos. He was the US importer.

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