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Originally Posted by Chesterspal View Post
Appreciate the help on this. Many thanks

I was looking in the wrong side, perhaps. Is this the oil drain? i dont think that is the oil drain it should be just under the kick lever inside the frame rail

Question: you're saying I do not need to use special clutch oil in this bike as I do with my 4-strokes?no special oil

As for the coolant, I have that port exposed but I have no knowledge of how much coolant should be in there. Right now, I see nothing but cannot see in that far. fill it to the top just above the fin you can see. if you over fill it it will just puck it out when it gets hot

So I replaced the battery and this digital device now lights up. It appears to be a time and distance meter. I assume those clipped leads were once connected to a magnetic sensor on the front wheel to measure rotation. Make sense? yes

BTW: I'm in Connecticut.
could i see a pic of the hole bike?

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