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Not sure what's up with the sight glass and yes, I drained out exactly 650ml of that Royal Purple synthetic oil and it still shows oil. It must be plugged up. I can't imagine this bike burns up that much oil that you need to constantly check it. I change my oil at the start of every season to remove the moisture from winter storage.

I did notice the clutch was grabbing when the bike was in 0 gear. I'm hoping that was the oil. I don't see any adjustment for that, externally. Should I assume removing the cover will reveal springs that can be adjusted??

So, I went to the Honda dealer yesterday to buy their 5w30 motorcycle oil and, as luck would have it, one of the parts guys was a trials rider who owned a GasGas bike. He suggested I use this MTL transmission oil. He has used it for years with good results and its specifically made for wet clutches. The viscosity is very thin similar to the 30 weight. It's a golden yellow color almost like cooking oil.

I ended up going with this BelRay 2-cycle racing oil. Supposed to be clean burning and will not foul up the engine. We shall see.

I'm making up a fresh batch of 90.5 puregas. You can see the water/ethanol is now at the bottom of the jug where I can drain it off leaving just the gasoline.

Thought I'd try some at 60:1, first, to see how it runs and how badly it smokes.

Also, bought a new kill switch to replace the crappy one that was on this bike. The original owner removed the electricals... headlight, horn and the factory kill switch was part of that assembly.

It's amazing to me this GasGas company never provided service information for their bikes and no one ever complained. I have complete repair manuals on all my other bikes going back to my 1965 Triumph T20.
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