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I came across some early info for these 1995-1996 GasGas bikes. The fuel to oil ratio suggested was 80:1 and 100:1. The minimum octane required was 95 "non-alcohol" which I take to mean not methanol since there was no E10 gas back then. Not sure how it is where you live but there is no 95 octane in my area. I'm making my 90.5 octane puregas but that is from what was 93 prior to removing the ethanol. Racing gas is way higher but illegal to run off a sanctioned track.

They also said to never use a power washer to clean your bike as, among other things, it will ruin the radiator fan. Water will enter the windings are cause corrosion and premature failure. Food for thought.

Some of this information included a Cycle magazine article about pre-mix fuels. The jist of the article, which included extensive dyno testing using a single cylinder bike, was higher fuel to oil mixtures lead to higher heat, greater cylinder wear and reduced engine performance in terms of power loss of upwards of 10%.

Granted these tests were done at higher engine speeds than are normal for trials but it appears there is a trade off going too high.
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