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Originally Posted by roverhybrids View Post
I went ahead and purchased the Michelin Enduro Med 90/100-21 front and a Shinko 525 cheater for the rear.

Now to decide tubliss or mouse for the rear?
Mousse or tubliss - few factors here for me the decider is how important is riding non-stop (are you a race contender?) because all my tubliss failures have taken 10 minutes to fix with the exception of when i ran a very old tyre and ripped a whole knob off - that resulted in 50km of riding at 80% (and conscious line selection)of what i would normally have ridden it without any rim damage

otherwise i am a tubliss advocate - for feel, options and also cost, initial cost is similar to a mousse but then it is only the cost of the inner tube ($20) every year for peace of mind
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