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You reckon we're down on Katooms? Maybe. I'm cautious about slagging them off. They're a good bike. Some people don't get on with them, most do. I also admire how KTM have regrouped after their near bamkruptcy in the early nineties and have built themselves into the company they are now.

When Gassers were first imported into South Africa the crap about Gassers that flew around from the KTM guys was close to libellous (sp?) I suspect that the KTM importer was really worried about them and I suspect that KTM factory is too. That tiny little Spanish factory is a real thorn in the giants side. Numerous WEC and WTC to their name and they just won the ISDE overall. Bloody right KTM are worried.

I think that Gasser guys get a lot of crap from the KTM guys and give it back. Best keep your mouth shut though and wait until we rule the world....<evil laugh exits stage right...soon my sweet we will rule the world..>

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