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Originally Posted by BWP219 View Post
So far I love my red I mean GAS GAS EC 300. Yes it is a combination of the KTM 300 XCW and a Husky TE 300i. It has an aluminum rear sub frame like the KTM (Husky has poly) but it has linkage for the rear shock like the Husky (KTM has the PDS set up). Bike just feels lighter (although a little heavier), slimmer, and it just handles better than the KTMs. Power is smoooth but deceiving, it just puts the power to the ground with minimal wheel spin. Brakes might be better as they are not as grabby as the Brembos from the KTM/Husky (Gas Gas uses Braktek). Suspension just might be the best overall suspension overall I've ever had on a bike, it's good and plush in the woods and rocks, and works well on a local motocross track. It feels like suspension that has been done by an after market suspension company.

Yeah, but it is a GasGas in name only. I've ridden the new "GasGas", and even did a vid about my initial impression of it (good bike), but it's still a KTM at heart.
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