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What an animal this bike is
I had my first ride yesterday and she fired up with throttle input the bike wouldn't idle so gave it a few blips jumped on and away I went slow and steady for 10 minutes then when she was warm gave her some through the straights in the woods. The bike sounded really nice it felt really nice after 15mins on straights I tried going through the woods technical riding but because she still won't idle after 25mins of riding I was always having to kick her back into life when ever I was stuck on a log. I must admit although this was annoying I had such a blast. 30 mins riding and it was time for a break (arm pump) had about 30mins break and back on her same as above plus wheelie practice on the grass, all good well so I thought. Another break and some photos of the bike and the scenery. 1 and a half hours later time for another ride fired her up 30 seconds in bog,bog,bog,bog died....... checked a few things and found no spark on the plug.
Have I fouled the plug it was a little black not wet a little moist but more burnt. I put it up to the engine and got intermittent sparks then no spark at all. Back in the van she went. All in all I fully enjoyed the day but woke up this morning with questions ??
Why did she die after doing so well for a few hours?
Why did the plug fail?
Is that what fouling a plug means ?
Why will she still not idle after going through the gears ?
Is there something else I'm missing ?
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