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Tell him he's dreaming!

Great bike, and no issues with parts cross overs or spares. The 2011 came with the 48mm CC Marzocchis which are great to ride, and easy to work on. The TTX shock is a nice piece of kit too.

In saying that, the biggest downfall of the gassers (if you can call it that) is the poor resale. Given its a Nambo it should fetch a little more than a base model, but how much more? I know of other 2011 models sold recently with fresh engines, well maintained, tuned etc that went for well under.

If you like the bike and think the price is fair, then nothing stopping you, but in contrast, I bought a brand new 0km 2013 model late last year for a reduced 'clearance price'. I don't think I'd get 8G for that now (being realistic).
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