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Uk Sea level to 1500 ft

Stock rebuilt 04 300ec

PT Tuning Power jet
155 main
Nb 7 slide
CCK Needle
3rd clip
42 pilot
Air screw 2 turns out

(Boysten reed block & Carbon reeds)
(Flywheel weight 8oz )

Before the dyno a bit hit or miss power and pick up wise not great on fuel either there was also no snap when the throttle was opened quick. Now its totally different bike starts and idles 1st time. Now strong linier power right off idle all the way through till it tails off around 9000. No exhaust snot out the back the plug is a perfect colour even after hours of messing in the woods. Lights the rear tyre up on the road in the wet roll on in 4th and 5th

Graph is rear wheel power on a dyno jet

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