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Originally Posted by Davehuge View Post
Hi all, while riding through a forest I crashed on a hard gravel track, the bike and I were fine except that it really hurt my hip... I'm getting on a bit now and don't bounce so well!

I'm really pleased with my choice of protection, Fox Titan body armour, O'Neal knee protectors, etc. But I wanted to have a bit more protection around my upper legs, my Fox trousers only have a thin layer of foam covering my hips.

I looked at motocross/enduro protective shorts but they seemed very expensive, too expensive!

Then in Decathlon (European Sports Shop) I found these protective shorts designed for rugby players. They're great value at only 20 GBP, they're light, breathable and don't restrict movement.

Really pleased with them and I can recommend them.

Kipsta Protective Rugby shorts...
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Fox Titan Armour...
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O'Neal Knee Protectors...
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I use this:
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