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Default Weird brake light problem. Pampera 2-stroke


My Pamoera 250 Mk3 and I, despite our advancing years, took part in a 100 mile Long-Distance-trial.
There were a few things requiring attention after many falls in the event, including the brake light being on all the time.
The Rear brake master cylinder had taken a whack, the wires were mashed, so I guessed that was the problem.
I disconnected the wiring from the loom and started her up; brake light still on.
OK, maybe the front brake light switch also has a problem, so I pulled the wire out of the plunger switch.
STILL the brake light comes on whenever the engine runs.
So, check me out here, what am I missing.
BOTH of the switches that can trigger the brake light are disconnected and still the light is on (!!!).
Any pointers most gratefully accepted.
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