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Default Newb needs help to identify

Hey folks, I have been lurking here for a while, and need help to identify a bike.
Obviously it is a GG. Base of cyl. says 249.2cc. Sticker on swingarm says EC. It is a 6 spd. with Ohlins rear shock. I couldn't identify the fork, there were way too many stickers on it. It has the FMF Gnarly pipe. It has yellow plastics, and two small, round headlights which are side by side.
The owner has no idea what it is. He bought it on a whim, and thinks it looks like a RM250. He had new reed valves put in it, and says it is very fast. The pet cock leaks. He wants $1200. but I think cash would talk to him.
The serial number is UTREC259810970091. I would appreciate any, and all feedback.
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