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Default 2009 GG 450FSR idle settings

Is there a starting point with setting the idle on these bikes similar to 2t's where its seat the idle screw then a certain amount of turns out?

I just put a new fuel pump in when I switched back to the stock tank and the bike fired right up without issue. Went for a short ride and it ran great. Shut it down and it wouldn't fire back up. Let it sit and it fired up but RPM's seemed higher than usual so I started messing with the it and now I'm stuck. Bike keeps flooding upon start up now and won't fire. I put a new injector and micro filter in, made sure the battery was fully charged and still no start with smell of raw gas. The idle screw I believe is the culprit but I dont know where to start with it. Should I back it off the throttle body completely then adjust inward or vise versa? This isn't my first efi bike but its different than my last RMZ and CRF and I'm stumped
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