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There's a lot of talk in here about technique.Some I agree with and some I do not.

However you decide to go you cannot get there if you are not reasonably fit.
I say reasonably.The reality is that the majority of recreational riders are way out of shape in relation to the activity they are doing.They have the fancy bikes ,graphics and all the best gear.But really they got nothing.They will not even come close to meeting their own potential much less the machine they are riding.

Its a grueling physically demanding activity.
Get fit.Biggest issue is avoiding injury
You show me a large group of out of shape fancy boys and I'll show you a large group of guys plagued with nagging injuries who's best riding buddies in the past have already had that crash that ended their riding career.I use career lightly but you get the point.
In this game it isn't a matter of if but a matter of when.
So staying in shape to avoid injury and being in shape when crash time comes is extremely important.As you progress in skill you will find you can go ride after ride without a big getoff.
Doesn't matter.Someone.Some jackass retard maybe drunk squid is gonna cross your path at some point.Maybe an animal like in Casselis case.
Something unforeseen or unavoidable, it will happen.

You don't have to be a gym rat Olympic athlete.There are many awesome workouts and combinations of things people can do.
But won't.So keep it simple.
An elliptical machine set on a good resistance with some incline will get you there.
30-40 minutes 3 times week.No hands.force yourself to balance and position your body to apply force and build a rhythm and tempo to maximize the workout.Build your core, cardio, teaches you to pace and breathe and relax. Basically all the things you need to do when you leave that truck and head up the mountain and you got a fast guy up front.A large majority of riders have the ability and skill to hang, some, a bit for the first mile or so.But then it's game over.Has nothing to do with ability or skill or how awesome a bike is or the bells and whistles.
The rider is outta gas.Overheated, fogged up, arm pump , cramps, some nagging injury etc.etc.

Am I wrong??

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