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Originally Posted by bergerhag View Post
I have raced mine (2014) hard for two years now, sporting a Rekluse Exp 3.0. It is however not easy on fuel doing this, a full tank of 8 l keeps me going for 2 hours. I have for this season opted for removing the Reklse and moved back to std clutch, to be able to pull it a bit lower down the revs. For the gnarly riding it is really good, all the power I need. For the grassy field type of venue, the 250f falls a bit short of power imo.
I run a Rekluse Exp on mine and swear I get way better mileage than you are reporting. One thing I discovered is for some reason the Rekluse wouldn't lock up solid when climbing steep hills. I ended up going to the heavy wedges and lightest engagement springs. That has helped a lot.
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