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I have an 04 DE200 and this bike is impressive, I ride Eastern tight stuff mainly and recently ventured out to the local MX track and had more fun than should be allowed.
A friend had just purchased a 01 KTM200 and we switched bikes on the trails and mx track and at the end of the day he regretted spending money on the KTM.
The power spread and hit are 250 like compared to the KTM and hands down the suspension was far better in all conditions.
The bike with the right rider can compete on any level (Billy Burns).
I'm 5'7" and 155lbs no gear and my buds with their 250's 4T and 2t we were bar to bar racing and the 200 almost every time got the hole shot.
70' table tops no problem, step ups, doubles, rockers handled it all perfect.
I would recommend the Gasser over the KTM
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