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Try this: Ignition on, open trottle fully, hit starter buttom with trottle still open. This only works good with engine cold.

I had similar experiences with my '05, found that spark was lost while starter turned the engine. When I released the e-button, I would get irratic sparks.
It was possible to kick start the bike, but it wouldn't fire using the e-starter.

When I measured battery voltage while starter was running, I only had 9V at the battery poles. What happened was that the voltage dropped so low that the efi stopped working. The problem in my case was a slightly damaged starter engine, which made the turning a little harder, and the starter used more current, pulling the voltage down.

And, opening the throttle with engine stopped isnt gonna do a thing for you. The EFI runs the pump to set up proper system pressure, but there will be no injects until the engine cranks.
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