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My recommendation is:

go back to the 42 pilot jet, except temperature is over 92 F.
Replace the 175 with a 170 except temp is far below 50F.

Try the NECW in clip 3 and tune AS to your liking, normally about 2 turns out or more when riding in hot weather.

As Gasser Nate said, the float height is critical and set too high ex factory pushing the set-up towards the rich side. factories do that to be sure that you wont run it too lean.

Set it a tad lower, when tilting the bike from side to side it should nut spill fuel before reaching about 40 degrees lean angle.

edit: alternatively: JD-red in clip3, 178 main, 42 pilot AS 2 to 2,5 turns out. Works from 45 to 90 F.
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