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If I remember correctly, “Dirtbikechannel” on YouTube is trying to put 100hours on his TPI this year. Should be interesting to see the results.

I am always a little skeptical when reading reviews on any bike that is a big change from the norm. Some people want to get lots of views on their YouTube channel so they just exaggerate the truth.

I think that the TPI might get a lot of extra attention if they blow a motor pre-maturely. People might post bad reviews because they are upset, but I also wonder if that same person would have blown up a brand new carbureted bike just as easily. I know some people that are hard on bikes and not very good at spotting the signs of trouble until it’s too late...

I’ve heard lots of people say that two strokes should be kept simple for maintenance and reliability on the trail. That is understandable, but I also never hear anybody say that they wish that they could buy a four stroke motocrosser with a carburetor. Even more, I don’t know anybody that wishes that their car had a carburetor anymore...

Let’s remember that the main reason for fuel injected two strokes is emissions. Not performance, let’s keep the two stroke alive... let’s keep the environmentalists as happy as we can.

As far as his foot goes... looks like the picture was probably taken with a 360 degree camera and his foot landed in the stitch line of the two fish eye camera lenses. His arms and the left door of the sprinter van are funky also...

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