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Default First time Gasgas owner

Hi Follks,
As the title says I'm a first time Gasgas owner as of a week ago. I grew up on Ossas and friends had Bultacos and Montesas (yes I'm that OLD lol), so the thought of a Spanish bike in the garage is exciting. I decided to look at a Gasgas after riding KTM's for several years and then the last couple riding a YZ 250 X (love it, it just inspires confidence) Somewhere in the back of my brain I kept thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have KYB suspension and still have a euro built machine? Enter the used 2018 Gasgas 250 XC. I had been speaking to a guy in the Pittsburg area about a GP 300 and then he stopped communicating and I saw it marked as sold (good for him). A couple months later along came the bike I ended up buying. I've just got a couple test rides on it and nothing too hard (Bow season just opened and the hunters deserve their time in the woods also), but boy what a hot rod!! That motor rips. Of course it's not all smiles and high fives. The electric starer (should be called the electric non starter) doesn't work at all when cold and works sometimes when it feels like it when warm. Reading all the post about this well known problem has me shaking my head, but hopefully I can work it out by myself or with Mattos Cycles about three hours away The previous owner told me he had the ECU reflashed and REGROUND the starter, but he didn't say if he installed the heavier gauge cables? Does anyone have a link to the original service bulletin? In my experience, sometimes people will pass on info that turns out to be completely different than the originally directed action.
Anyways I'm looking forward to learning about this new machine.
Thanks for your time
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