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So after an odd somewhat frustrating odyssey trying to get the electric starter to work consistently, Bud at Matto Cycle suspects the CDI is failing. Unfortunately the 2018 250 XC CDI is on backorder.........Does anyone know if the 2019 250 XC CDI can be used as a replacement? Bare bones summary for the curious. Took the bike to Bud @ Mattos. He did the updates and reground everything, electric starter WORKED!!!............for almost a week, then started returning to intermittent functioning. The day I picked it up it fired up on the button 3 times, no problem. 1st ride at home it worked once warm. Every ride since then it has failed to start on the button more and more till last ride, it was back to not starting on the button hot or cold, spins plenty fast, just doesn't start. Thanks in advance
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