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Question 2003 400 FSE Fuel Injection Issues

Hi all,
Boy have I got a story for you. I bought this 2003 400 FSE end of last year and got to ride it all of 3 months before it gave out on me. It's got that common problem of the Fuel pump not priming when the ignition is turned on. Plus the fuel pump does not turn on after the starter has spooled and stopped. So I've changed everything in the system I could get parts for. I've also scoured this forum for any other similar occurance and tried all those fixes, ignition swtch, kill switch, etc.

First were the fuses and the relay. $11

So, yes, I jumpered over where the relay would be, and the fuel pump runs and pumps fuel. That of course was after I bought a new OEM fuel pump from Gofasters... $950

I've checked the original relay that was in there and the replacement relay I got by putting direct power through and both actuate.

I figured since the fuel pump relay actuation is an ECU function "maybe the ECU was fried" so new Magneti Marelli 15P $450... No change.

Since I can't find ANYWHERE a wiring diagram for the 2003 400 FSE, I've been going off of the 450 FSE for at least reference. If anybody has a link or reference to a way I can get a wiring diagram I'd be very grateful.

Having gotten fed up with not having any luck with physically changing parts to get it working and all of the wiring seeming to be in good working order (no opens or shorts where there shouldn't be) I looked for dealership support, and was told by both (relatively) local dealers that they "don't work on that" one because it was a four-stroke, and the other because it's fuel injected.

Total so far $1411 - Bought the bike for $3000
Now I found the Biketech OBD tool online for $1250, but before I jump to buying that I was going to put the call out to all my fellow Gas Gas enthusists to find out if there is a dealer or other shop in Washington or Oregon that has a diagnostic tool I can plug into to see if there's any codes I can clear and turn this boat anchor back into a motorcycle. I'm in Western Washington, But i'm willing to take a road trip if I have to.

I love it when it runs, best bike I've had yet. But does me no good if it wont start.

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