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I would suspect the wiring...can you recall the symptoms when it quit?

Does anything else light up when you turn on the ignition switch?

The ECU has a permanent live on pin 17 via a fuse, the ignition switch just signals the ecu to start but it powers lights and stuff as well.

Forget the diagnostic kit for the time being, it will probably only tell you what you already know!

If your ecu is live on pin 17 and with the ignition switch on it supplies 12v on ecu pin 26 you need to check that ecu pin 19 goes low. This is the fuel pump relay trigger and grounds the relay coil. There is a blocking diode between that pin and the relay. The position of that diode is not certain. Mine is on the back of the relay socket but it could be taped in the harness somewhere between the relay and the ecu (nightmare). The 12v supply to the relay coil is off the ignition switch.

Hope that helps
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