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Default Same problem

I have an 04 FSE 450 with the same problem, I've sent the ECU w/ TPS, injector, and the crank position sensor back to Gofasters where they had a running bike to test it on. There conclusion was that the bike started everytime for them with my parts. But, nothing works at home, when you can get it started, it runs for a few seconds then shuts off. Most of the time it won't even fire up, but sometimes after it fires up then dies, there is no power to the system, then I tap on the outside of my computer and on comes the power again, funny huh? Wonder how come this never happened to them for my $250.00 adventure that helped nothing. It seems to me that the ECU has a problem, but what do you do when the dealer says everything worked for them? HMMM! Dang, want this thing to run. I'll be following your problem to see if maybe we can help each other, between all of us out there we will eventually make our own service manual that's not provided. Have to say, probably be the first and last GG for me. Info and parts are hard to come by, hopefully joining this site will help to make my bike run and change my current thoughts about the mighty GG. Anybody in the Washington state area have one of these? I would pay to be able to come over and swap some parts out to help find the problem. Can't just keep throwing money away on guessing. Thanks for all the input guys, very appriciated.
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