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I practice soreness prevention through training. I am a runner and bicyclist, so I just work to improve my upper body fitness before I ride. If it's shoulder and wrist, do pushups, pullups, and a rowing machine to increase strength in your arms. Pushups for the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and pullups and rowing machine for upper and lower back as well as building strength to stand on the bike. Plus, pullups and rowing machine build grip strength.

I would guess that you aren't perfectly comfortable on the bike right now, and you are basically hanging on the bars. I suggest standing as much as possible, with a forward lean through your waist. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Riding in a crouch position (half standing) will wear your legs, arms, and back to no end. Especially your quads. Standing allows you to balance over the bike and use your arms for steering and hands for the controls.

Look for Shane Watts videos online. He teaches the best way to stand while riding.
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