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Default 2021 the year for tires

The time has come for new tires for my 2011 ec300.

I currently have the original metzler 6 days front and a pirelli scorpion XC rear
I most ride in hardpack with lots of loose rock
Tires I'm considering:

Goldentyre gt216aa front 80/100(seems to lost favor re quality control)
Shinko gt216 90/100 - Goldentyre copy, very heavy
Metzler 6-days front
Ride 220 front soft compound
Michelin Enduro medium 90/100
Not sure what else I should look at for the front?

Ride 220 gummy
Shinko 505 cheater
Shinko 525 cheater
Michelin Enduro medium - I don't think I want the short FIM tread blocks
Pirelli Scorpion XC mid soft 120/100 - This is my current tire and hasn't disappointed
Or ???
2011 GasGas ec300R
2011 GasGas ec200 Six Days

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