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buy what ever is close to you and in good shape. I got an 04 beta 200 because it was 20 minutes down the road. that saved me a lot of time and gas money running around new england looking at bikes. Don't get hung up on displacement. I've had number of very good trials riders tell me the 200 was all you need and not to get rid of it. In fact a smaller displacement motor will require you to ride with the proper technique. Kind of like spending time on a 125 will make you a better dirt rider. that said ... I could have just as easily ended up on a GG 280 if it was close by. Keep in mind that bigger bore trials bikes can rocket you off into the tree just like dirtbikes. And getting whiskey throttle on a trials bike is worse than on a dirtbike. You go from 0 mph to impact in seconds, usually while at an odd angle on top of some rocky out crop .. don't be afraid of a 200.
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