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Default Oh yes, about the Jack Pine

I may have slipped and uttered an off-color expression on exiting the last check at the Jack Pine, but it wasn't just me and my poor abused clutch that were squawking.

Cycle News' Jean Turner wrote the following - " ... what was quite possibly the tightest AMA National Enduro of the year. (When Mike Lafferty and Russell Bobbit both say "Yeah, that was really tight", you know it was downright ridiculous.) When we weren't trying to shove the handlebars between tree trunks with a crowbar ..." and so on.

So, here's the wrap up ... tight, tight, tight, fun and flowing, stupid tight, finish. The XC250 was more up to the task than I was, but weather and soil conditions were pretty much perfect.

I'll add some factory bling shots in another post, but for the day I WAS factory GasGas ... Fred Hoess was caught in a massive hail storm out west and didn't make the start.
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