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My 07 has a folding tip. It got a bit floppy so I fabricated a new block of ally and got that welded to the old lever and made a new rivet to hold it together. Much more positive to stand on now. The pivot bush gets replaced yearly as it's a cheap sleeve.

Not as positive as the newer fixed tip but a mates got driven into his case and cracked it. Cant have everything I guess.

So the yz one; is the pivot point to mastercylinder point the same? My 07 was hard to match up to any mastercylinder in the paddock of bikes as that mount position was wrong. The GG was longer so leverage and alignment was duff.

The 07 had an odd bore size as leverage different. I got mine resleeved but maybe I could have changed the lever and mastercylinder. I haven't measured this btw so I'm not making a recommendation but keep an eye out for the difference in years and makes.
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