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Got the bike stripped today.... findings:

Carb boot had come loose on the airbox side, bike had sucked in some dust and was on the plug.

Carb stripped and cleaned, a little crud in the bowl and float bowl plug/jet.... how do you measure the float height? Float needle was a little sticky..... square needle in round jet?!

Reeds ok.

Intake/crank ok. No water only either gummed old premix/carbon or maybe a little gear oil..... hard to tell.

Plug wet/fouled..... had a few goes at starting to get the fuel through. Plug dark but cleaned up ok, some crud from bypassing of the filter. Gap was slightly out of tolerance (0.7-0.8 instead of 0.6-0.7), cleaned the plug up and set to 0.65.

Spark.... wasn't convinced at first, didn't look clever and wasn't convinced. Checked it later however when in the garage, then noticed it was crackling in the magnetic bolt dish but a good strong blue arc from the dish to the cylinder head.... should be ok.

Compression.... ~134psi after several stiff kicks. Looks ok. Anyone got a reference value?

Never stripped the exhaust off.... need to take the shock off. Clever idea.... also rotten idea!

Anything else to consider? If not will get it back together and see how she blows....

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