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Yes that is your thermostat housing. You can test your fan by unplugging it jumping the two terminals on the wires and starting the bike the fan should run.

Those are your compression and rebound settings. One fork is compression one fork is rebound. Unless you're a high-level Rider you'll feel no difference I was told to just set mine in the middle.

Back to your oil premix you can mix more oil and it does lubricate better and seal the Rings better but there's a point to where you're just throwing money out the window. If it makes you feel more secure makes it 50 to 1 it won't hurt it it would create a mess with this excess oil not being burnt. I have been running mine at 80 to 1 with Amsoil Sabre at 80 to1 for two years with no problems and I do ride mine in the woods at my clubs property

Are you talking about Bark Busters if so I would suggest not putting them on. On a trials bike the likelihood of you breaking your wrist would be real good

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