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Originally Posted by GMP View Post
Not sure where the connector is located on the FSE/FSR, but what I am sure about is that you will need the Technoresearch VDST software and cable or equivalent. The cable contains a level shifter to interface with the Magnetti Marelli ECU, it is not a straight RS232 interface. Also, on the version I have for the Ducati, I cannot adjust idle speed, just mixture trim, TPS, and diagnostics. The one for the FSRs ECU may be different thouigh.
Most ECU's use a standard protocol although they have varying connectors and pin outs. Many Magneti units use a "K line" protocol which is either KWP2000 or ISO something or other. That means there is a fair chance they can use an interface such as the ELM327 which is for OBD2 to USB. This device will operate with most recent standard protocols such as those mentioned and many others provided you can connect the correct pins. Unfortunately Gas Gas do not give a pin out for the ECU in terms of fully labelling what the pins are. If I get to the bottom of this and get it working I'll let everyone know as it'll be a lot cheaper than the VSDT which is probably the same thing packaged for a specific bike.

Because of this nonsense, which is used to keep things proprietary, European and I believe US legislation has been enacted to force vehicle vendors to use standard protocols and standard connectors and pin outs. Unfortunately it only effects the very latest released vehicles, not sure about bikes, and manufacturers are of course finding loopholes in law to continue their restrictive practices. One day we might be able to buy a cheap tool from the local car parts shop and work with any vehicle.

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