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Default Millenium Tech Cylinder Plating Review

First to say I give them a thumbs Down !!!
Called them a few weeks ago,spoke to someone who said $190 send it
I asked about buying or sending piston ,decided i'd buy my own and send it with cylinder.Sent out on a tuesday =priority shipping.
The following monday got a call saying my piston was damaged in shipping
Asked if i wanted to file a claim Recommended I didnt Said theyd send me a pic of damage -very minor .I asked if they had a pic of the box-(No, but it was bad) I sent the piston in its original box surrounded by paper in the shipping box the cylinder was in. Anyway my piston has a ding in the crown that to me is obvious a drop on metal or something metal dropped on it
Then i called thursday for a progress report Lady told me Tuesday...... had to go through quality control,,Would I like to pay now ?I said call me for payment when its ready for shipping. Tuesday I missed a call -By the time I got to the phone it stopped ringing- from them they left a message from a woman that theyd been trying
repeatedly to reach me for payment please contact asap.I called immediately
A man answered said theyd been trying to reach me since thursday,The day I called them.....$239 plus shipping please. HUH What happened to 190? Oh we had to do extra work to it .No welding just cleanup
I said no one called me about extra work ( Oh I told you that when I quoted you) I said BS you said 190 send it
Anyway got it yesterday. Cylinder Looks great. My piston was an obvious drop, It came back in the original piston box thats intact, no cuts or slices.
Did I mention cylinder looks great???? My opinion is that its a dishonest operation and I would recommend against doing business with them And I'm going to tell everyone I can the same
Tried to Attach the pic they sent ,I couldnt
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