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Originally Posted by Adam500 View Post
I just picked up a basket case 2000 XC300. Doing my best to bring it back to life this winter.
It has upper and lower triple clamps from what I believe to be a 2000 CR250.
it has ohlins forks. An Exel rim with AJP hub and Nissin master and brake caliper.
The caliper mount has been "modified" ugh... to fit the ohlins fork.
WTF do I have??
Are the wheels and brake gas gas or Honda?
I know pics would be great here and I'm working on it.
My '01 XC 200 has AJP hubs & Hyd clutch. Nissan brakes same as '01 Honda CR 250, but front & rear disc are same as '01 KTM. The Excel rim is probably aftermarket as my '01 GG has DID rims. Forks are WP, but shock is Ohlins.

Sounds like a junkyard special but it all works, in total, very well. Yours will too once you get it sorted out.

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