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I had a cheapo Black & Decker unit that worked good for a couple of years. About a month ago I plugged it in and the circuit breaker on the plug kept tripping. The week before I had used it while it was raining, so I think there was a short somewhere.

The next time I used it, I was having a bad day. In a chemotherapy induced rage, I lost it and smashed it to bits on the driveway. A good show for the neighbours I'm sure. I'm claiming not my fault, the chemo drugs made me do it - I go for pretty strong chemo every 2 weeks, and the 3-4 days after I'm a little cranky, as I'm pretty nauseous and fatigued. I still ride and race every weekend.

Anyway, I bought a cheapo Karcher replacement ... seems to be better made than the B&D, lets hope it fares better than the last one
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