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Originally Posted by hookedongasgas View Post
I'M 46 grew up on a dirt poor farm in East Tennessee.
My first bike was a mini bike that me and my older brother built together.
We found a old frame in the weeds down the road that had one handlebar ,no breaks and dry rotted tires that would go flat every couple hours .
We took a 5hp motor off a old burnt up water pump that a neighbor had in his barn,(had to clear a lot of fence for that) and traded a power booster EQ for a centrifugal clutch. LOL that thing had a piece of foam duct taped to it for a seat and and a string for a gas throttle , you would pull the string and hold on to the frame with one hand the handle bar with the other ,then to stop you just drag your feet ....simple times but the fun we had on that thing , anyway times have changed and i've had alot of bikes over the years, now im building a 2011 gasgas with a 03 motor that im putting a counter balance in,should be a nice ride when i'm done.
That's a hell of a story. Good on you two for working for what you needed and building yourselves a ride. That's really wanting to ride.
Thank you for sharing it with us!

I can just picture ya'll riding that mini bike with one handlebar, pulling the string to go faster, and grinning the whole time.
(I once built a go-cart that had a pull string for a throttle, but at least we could put both hands on the steering wheel while we were driving it. )

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Let's go riding!
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