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Default Strange find today.

Well took the carb apart and cleaned and blew it out with compressed air really well. Then I noticed... The brass over flow vent tube in the float bowl is completely snapped off, and brazed or something to close it off. It doesn't have problems leaking fuel. And if it does it comes out the top vents with the hoses on them. Could this be an issue? I've been trying to rid a low end blubber that happens up to 1/4 throttle. Anything after that it just takes off like a rocket. Power wheelies over puddles no problem. I went from a 45 pilot to a 40, main jet 180, #7? Slide, and the not so great n1ef needle. I have the clip on the very top. Air screw 2 1/4. Anything below that it starts to die. Idle screw is turned way the hell in. But it does idle all day long. It is better than it has been. But still not 100 percent. Maybe 85 percent better. I also installed new Reeds and adjusted the float height. I'm a stickler when it comes to stuff like this. I want everything running premoe. It could be possible that my fuel is not up to par. Highest octane here is 93. I'm also running a low flash point semi synthetic amsoil and there still seems to be some splooge. I mixed it 32:1 at first but then cut it with raw fuel as these bikes seem to like leaner mixes. Maybe that could also be a problem? I've always ran 32:1 with out any problems. Installed a br8 today. If my idle is almost completely in and I'm 2 1/2 turns out on the air fuel screw, what does that tell me? Bike is smokey on idle. Riding it past idling speed- 1/4 it clears up and is a whole new bike. It hauls and idles just fine. I'm in Massachusetts. It was about 55 degrees today and I'm about 200 feet above sea level. I need to get this thing right. Probably looking at buying a new carb soon due to the broken and brazed off over flow tube in the float bowl. It's broken flush with the body. I could maybe drill it and try to fix it with some spare carbs I have lying around, but I don't think it's worth it.
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