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Default Revised Jetting Specs NEDW

Here he goes again.. they all say

Today was a miserable day in the far north (aus). 25C 65% humidity and a bit cloudy. Pretty normal! Elevation 300M+

Previously I have ran the following setups
42P N3EW#2 178 - Bit rich off bottom. Strong mid to top.
38P N3CH#2 178 - So clean off the bottom but a tad lean in the mid range. Ran clean but lacked balls.
38P N3EG#1 175 - Rich idle, then lean and crisp throughout. Was in the middle of summer at elevations approx 900m.
38P N1EF#1 175 - Too rich all over. It ran but it loaded up in the tight and smoked everywhere.

Now today, today.. I decided to try a Suzuki RM250 needle. The ones the KTM guys (*nudge*) have been ranting about. Started with 42P NEDW#3 172 (triple taper with a rich top end). Bike ran but required to come out a good few turns on the AS to get a consistant idle. Also some burbling when on the needle howver very punchy and powerful. Very on off though with the burble. This was meant to be a smooth linear setup from what I had read.

Dropped the pilot to a 40 and lifted the clip to #2. Yep! That hit the spot. AS set at 1.5 it starts and idles well. No hanging, no bogging. Crisp snappy response right off idle that just keeps on building all the way through. No really hard transitions onto the pipe like the N3 range. A little bit of the typical burbling when at part throttle without load but nothing compared to how it was at clip 3. Plugs looks good and bike feels great. Its very responsive to throttle like the N3CH#2 was, but doesn't have a lean whole in the middle.

The difference being Suzi runs lean-rich (bottom-top) where the N3 run the other way. These needles just work and I'd recommend anyone else who wants good performance to give em a try. By far the best setup I've ran yet, and those who know me, know I've tried just about every combo under the sun.

Cheers, Jake
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