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Originally Posted by Neil E. View Post
I feel that while a "like" button can be good, to be fair there should also be a "dislike" button.

ADV switched over to Xenforo software which has some things built-in compared to other forums. XF has only just released version 2 of their software. This is a big revamping of the code and adds things you have asked about.

It is a lot of work to set up a forum and even more work if you are going to continually upgrade it. It may be worth changing over, but it is a big time suck.

I don't see any need for it since this current forum looks good and serves the purpose for sharing technical information.
This forum does a crack job at technical information. No question about that.
If I had a dollar for every time I've found my answer through the search function I'd have a shiny new bike by now!

I guess my suggestions would lean it more towards being a "community" alongside the technical stuff. Maybe the question is if that is what Jeff wants this place to be?

Not sure if the "Dislike" or "Meh" comments are tongue-in-cheek but I'd keep it to just a "Like" button. I've always thought if you want to disagree with someone openly you should have to voice your reasons openly.
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